Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Everyone Loves a Cute Monkey Picture.

Today is my last day in Santa Cruz.  These past three months of monkey-watching have been time well spent, and I'm definitely going to miss my little titi family.  The next ten days are full of Bolivian travel adventures with my fellow research assistants, and then it's back home to Texas!  A big thanks to everyone who actually read my blog...thanks for making me feel like I have internet friends.  Don't worry, my adventures in ecology (real life and blog life) will continue.  Maybe not with monkeys, but there will always be more adventures.  Grad school awaits, and after that...well, only God knows where I'll end up.  I've got an entire planet to explore.  Mother Nature's perpetual student.  

So I leave you with some adorable snapshots of my precious primates.  Enjoy.

Male (Daniel) with infant and Juvenile (Esperanzo)

Daniel resting low in a tree.

Precious little baby monkey.

Female (Carmen) in her favorite Cecropia

Infant exploring the branches on his/her own.

Subadult (Jasy) taking a break after foraging.

(L to R) Juvenile, Female - nursing, and Male

Juvenile (Esperanzo)

FUN SCIENCE FACT #23:  The most dangerous animal in Africa is the hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius).  Apart from snakes and insects, the hippo kills more people per year than any other.  Large size and a bad temper, plus a strong set of jaws and some intimidating to just stay out of their way.

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