Tuesday, December 13, 2011

(4) Back to Reality

Sunday, Dec. 11th

A 4 am wake up call comes early.  Especially when you don’t get to sleep until around 2ish because you’re still excited about your Baylor quarterback – shout out to Robert Griffin III – winning the Heisman.  Things like that don’t happen everyday.  So proud to be a Bear and so proud to have such a great person representing my school and my team.  Seriously. 

Anyways.  A 4 am wake up call.  Shannon and myself had a taxi to catch at 4:30 to make it to the airport in time for our La Paz -> Santa Cruz flight.  We left Chantelle at the hotel with her man, the two of them heading off for a new Peruvian adventure in a few days.  Made it to the airport, FINALLY made it through all the departure taxes and airport taxes and expired visa fees (only set me back about $100 US – really Bolivia??  that seems excessive), and managed to make it to the gate in time for breakfast and a lesson in patience.  Evidently our flight was delayed.  But it’s okay because Shannon and I can easily waste time talking about absolutely nothing. 

Flew to Santa Cruz…deboarded the plane….reboarded the exact same plane…and flew to Miami.  Check the passport, pick up the large suitcase, go through customs, get an RG3/Baylor shout out (the Baylor nation is far reaching), recheck the large suitcase, and find the gate for my DFW flight. 

Interesting security story: so I have to go back through security in Miami after I go through customs and recheck my checked bag.  Shoes are off, scarf is off, stuff is on the conveyor belt.  Body scanner...got that over with.  TSA agent approaches, “Ma’am, I’m going to have to pat down your bun.”  Who knew my curly hair was large enough to pose a national security threat?  I mean, true, it was slightly out of control, but is it really possible to smuggle potentially dangerous items in my bun?!  Moral of THAT story: calm the mane pre-security. 

A quick goodbye to Shannon in Miami.  Then dinner.  Nothing like french fries and a snickers to tell you you’re back in the States.  Flew to DFW, flew to San Antonio, and finally made it home to cuddle with my precious puppy, Rosie.  So glad she didn’t forget me. 

I love being home.  But I’m expecting that travel bug to rear its head not too long from now.  More adventures to come.  

FUN SCIENCE FACT #27: Giraffes can live longer without water than camels.  Nice try, camels.  You're not that cool.  

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