Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You'll photo-shoot your eye out

Rosie and I wrote our own Christmas letter this year, so of course we needed to take a Christmas picture to send to our friends and family as well.  Now, I've often bragged about my photogenic canine, but things soon turned from difficult to impossible as I was equipped only with an iphone, a camera timer app, and a limited supply of milkbones.  Dozens of outtakes.  Endless laughs.  And  really frustrated basset hound.  It all made for a pretty interesting Saturday night.  

We eventually got one decent picture.  Maybe two if I lower my standards just a little bit.  
Christmas letter to come.

FUN SCIENCE CHRISTMAS FACT #29:  Most of Santa's reindeer have boyish names, but according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer of each year, male reindeer lose their antlers at the beginning of winter (usually late November to mid-December).  Female reindeer however, keep their antlers until after they give birth in the spring.  Turns out all of Santa's reindeer are ladies....probably how he manages to not get lost every Christmas.  

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