Friday, September 30, 2011

Fiesta for Feces!

Just a quick update to say that I FINALLY SNAGGED SOME MONKEY POO.  I've been trying to get fecal samples from my titi family for about a week now, and I've never been able to find those pesky little pellets amongst all the leaf litter on the forest floor.  Well, today I broke my unlucky streak when my male conveniently did his business from the limb directly above me.  And there it was!  Right on the ground in front of my boots.  Stuck that little brown nugget in a plastic vial and continued on my merry way with my monkey family.  Yay fecal analysis!

My handsome male.  Thanks for the feces!
FUN SCIENCE FACT #12: The world's termites outweigh the world's humans 10 to 1.  Not outnumber.......outweigh.  That's both disgusting and fascinating.

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